Expediciones. Rennes, Francia. 2013.

Serie de 10 fotografías instaladas en la entrada de las 10 torres del barrio de Maurepas, durante la residencia artística de un mes.

This artistic proposition has led the photographer to get into the homes of people to create something from human relationships. There is tenderness and delicacy in these reverse-portraits, through the showing of a hair dress, a neck, a half-hidden profile. Watching through the filter of somebody’s eyes and narrating silent stories, Alba Rodriguez Núñez catches something linked with the unfathomable mystery of otherness. This project is also about how to get in connection with privates spaces, intimatices, identities to understand something deeper about a territory and its representations. Set in the public space on the windows of the buildings of Maurepas, these photographs become a true physical experience of adopting one’s perpective to the inside and to the outside. What does the private and individual space reveal, build, produce through public and common space?.

Céline Laflute.